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Best Latte Art

Little Bear
Coffee Company

Baristas aren’t just born with a latte-art gene. Instead the skill is honed through trial-and-error and more importantly a love of the craft. Such is the case at Little Bear Coffee. “It’s funny because when we hired on our team almost none of our staff had any prior barista experience” said co-manager Isaiah Jaramillo. “We spent a good two weeks or so just training them on how to prepare the beverages well. A lot of it from there was just practice from making dozens of drinks a day.” Now the Little Bear team gathers once a month to practice their latte art creations. Occasionally they will enter competitions as well. But most of all it’s about enhancing the customer experience. “Not only is it fun for us to do and try to be be creative but it also gets the customer really excited” Jaramillo said. “Because with any culinary food or beverage item I feel like as soon as you look at it you’re already deciding whether you want to consume it or not.”

2632 Pennsylvania St. NE
(505) 917-8902
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