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Best Place To Recreate a Masterpiece

Carr Imaging

This Northeast Heights shop is an artist’s best friend—and in this digital age hey everyone is potentially an artist. The bulk of the work done here is to digitize an original (whether from a photo painting or other medium) and then enlarge the work of art into a gorgeous mounted display worthy or any home or gallery. But it’s far more complex than it sounds; at Carr they scan the originals at the highest resolution (sometimes posing the art on a hi-tech light wall to capture it digitally). Then their artists take over using software to carefully structure the image to be a perfect replica (or if an artist chooses to enhance it their liking) before finally printing to canvas or paper. The results—rich photos of landscapes or native wildlife spot-on replications of watercolor or oil originals—are breathtaking as any visit to the shop will attest.

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