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Janice Lucero
MVD Express

In an earlier career Lucero offered a course on the dangers of drinking and driving—a course that New Mexicans were required to take before receiving their first driver’s license. It was then she had an epiphany that she could provide a service that would make an unpleasant experience more tolerable. Some 23 years later Lucero presides over 12 MVD Express stores an operation that continues to grow. “We work hard at operational excellence every minute of every day and I’m driven to find a better way to do things” says Lucero. “You have to keep working on what’s happening and what’s out there and how people want this service delivered to them.” Her business utilizes technology that enables customers to not only make online appointments but also view wait times. Well-run businesses tend to keep employees and Lucero says some of hers have been around as long as 17 years.

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