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Best Jeweler Selling Six-Figure Stones

Ed Karler
ABQ Gold & Silver Jewelry Exchange

In case you decide to propose to say a Hollywood starlet it’s good to know you won’t have to fly to Beverly Hills to find a diamond worthy of the occasion—just go to this local shop which has specialized in high-end expensive jewelry since 1982. To wit the Jewelry Exchange recently sold an 88-carat diamond necklace for a bit north of $200000 and routinely sells solitaire diamonds in the 5-carat range for $100000 or more. “My store’s concept is totally different from most jewelry stores” says Karler an ABQ native who founded and still owns the Uptown shop. “If you come into my store to sell a nice piece I’ll write a check. If you want good merchandise I’ll sell it to you.” With an inventory that features exquisite pieces by Harry Winston Tiffany and Cartier it’s easy to see why 25 percent of the Jewelry Exchange’s sales are made to dealers or customers from out of town. The other key to great inventory says Karler is finding pieces at estate sales. “We handle a huge amount of estate jewelry the highest amount in the state” he says. Also the shop has become a must-visit for anyone seeking fine wristwatches—it recently sold a buyer a gold Rolex Yachtmaster for $35500. Karler who opened his shop as a 19-year-old shortly after graduating from the Gemological Institute of America says the Rolex sale is typical for the type of business done at the Jewelry Exchange. “We sell very unique things” he says. “We have a small store but we have a big inventory.”

7101 Menaul Blvd. NE A
(505) 872-1500
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