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Best Local Instagram Account

New Mexico True

If you can’t catch The Land of Enchantment’s beautiful scenery in person the next best thing might be to see it through the posts on this breathtaking social media account. New Mexico True with more than 85000 followers showcases everything we love about our home state from the Balloon Fiesta to White Sands and beyond. Even better the content is almost 100 percent user-generated. “We sort through a lot of our photos through usage of the hashtag (#newmexicotrue). We get a lot of direct messages with photos as well because we end up being kind of a photo repository” says Erin Ladd the state’s tourism Marketing Director. “People want us to know when they’ve taken photos that they’re really proud of the state of New Mexico.” The account can also help people discover under-the-radar destinations of which they might not have been aware. “This is kind of how things end up on people’s ‘bucket list.’ Something shows up in your feed and you think ‘I have to go see that place. I have to have that experience for myself’” says Ladd. “We have so many dreamy locales in this state it’s just a matter of ‘What do we highlight next?’”

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